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Piano Tuning Rates

Fine Piano Tuning
When a piano is in need of a regularly scheduled tuning. 

(Less than 25 cents out of tune.)

Pitch Raise plus Fine Tuning

When a piano has gone a while without a regular tuning, it sometimes requires a pitch raise before the tuning. 

(25 cents or more out of tune.)

Service Call
When repairs are needed without a scheduled tuning or when the client just wants an evaluation of work to be done.

Piano Repairs

Prices vary depending on the nature of the needed repair.  For pianos that have gone for a long period of time without maintenance,

some needed repairs become evident during the tuning such as voicing, regulation, broken strings or brittle action.

All services performed by Darin Parker, Certified Piano Technician and Master Piano Technician.
With so many factors at play, it is difficult to know the final cost of a tuning/repair beforehand.  
It is suggested to pay after all services have been rendered.

*A gas surcharge may apply to appointments further than 25 miles from 66062

**No-shows and same day cancellations (within 24 hours prior to service) will be charged a $50 fee.


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