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 Studio Policies:

Supply List
*Three Ring Binder for voice lessons
(Preferably no sheet protectors)
*Piano Books for piano lessons
*Loose Leaf Paper for taking notes
*A recording device, if you wish to record your lesson

Student Responsibility
  Students may use recordings from previous lessons with which to practice. 
Students should practice with vocal exercise tracks as well as accompaniment MP3 daily.
Ideally, students should practice 5 days a week, for 30 minutes.  If you find this difficult,

try breaking this into two 15 minute sessions or three 10 minute sessions.  Ultimately,
it is more beneficial to practice a little bit every day rather than once a week for 2 hours.

Lesson Preparedness:  Students should bring their Music Binders or Lesson Books
and other supplies to each lesson. 
They should also have any new music assigned to them
​from the previous week's lesson 
neatly placed in their binder.

Payment:  Due at the first lesson of each month unless paying per trimester or per year.

There are several parking spaces on the south side of driveway and shrubery.
Parking on the street or behind the driveway is not recommended.

Studio recitals are held around April/May and November/December of every year. 
Recitals are free of charge and open to any family and friends students wish to invite.
There is no additional fee to participate in this growth opportunity.
The masterclass preceding the recital will be used as a rehearsal for the recital

as well as a possible make up opportunity for same day cancelation notices.

2018 Lesson Tuition Schedule

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Single lessons:
One 30 minute lesson $40                                One full hour lesson $65

Lesson type:

Half Hour

$130  ($36/lesson)

Credit Card or PayPal



Spring-$665     CC or PP=$692

Summer-$280  CC or PP=$291

Fall-$560         CC or PP=$582

$1,462  ($34/lesson)

Credit Card or PayPal

Full Hour

$225  ($62/lesson)

Credit Card or PayPal



Spring-$1159    CC or PP=$1,205

Summer-$488      CC or PP=$508
CC or PP=$1,015

$2,580  ($60/lesson)


Credit Card or PayPal


Monthly tuition is figured over the course of the year and due at the first lesson of each month.
(43 weekly lessons, 2 bonus masterclasses, 2 recitals.)

Trimester tuition is due at your first lesson of each trimester.

Spring=19 lessons, 1 masterclass, 1 recital
Summer=8 lessons
Fall=16 lessons, 1 masterclass, 1 recital

Annual tuition may be paid at the first lesson of any trimester.

43 lessons, 2 masterclasses, 2 recitals

Credit Card and PayPal fees are reflected in these totals.

Payment forms accepted are:
VenMo, Cash, Check

Please make checks payable to Darin Parker. 
Late payment Fee of $30
Returned check fee of $25.

This is my profession and I rely on my studio to help me fulfill my financial obligations.
I am grateful for your support.

Extenuating Circumstances
(i.e. Illness, Weather, Forgetfulness)

Same day notices may be made up at the next masterclass.
Please see the website "Calendar" page for masterclass dates.

Each student is allowed ONE make up lesson per trimester. 
Those students with perfect attendance may consider the masterclasses as bonus learning times.

In case of in-climate weather,
the student may choose to have their lesson via ZoomSkype, or Facetime.
at the regularly scheduled time,
or they may choose to make up their lesson at the next masterclass.

The instructor is allowed one sick day per year. That lesson will not be rescheduled or made up.
Lessons missed by the instructor for any other reason will be made up at a mutually convenient time.

A 30 day notice is required for students to relinquish their lesson time.
Thank you for understanding the business side of my studio.