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Piano Tuning in Olathe

By Kim-
     Darin is an amazing voice teacher!  With his teaching techniques, he delivers the highest quality vocal training.  Darin focuses on the individual needs of the student and provides a positive and supportive approach to teaching.  During Hillary’s time with Darin, she has been able to expand her range, blend her head and chest voice, increase breath control, and beautify her tone quality.
     He also is willing to work with the student to schedule the voice lessons and accommodate other activities.  His flexibility is really appreciated.  Darin has a wide knowledge and library of music, and he can recommend songs for contests, auditions, and performances.  In addition, he embraces technology.
     During the voice lesson using his keyboard and computer, he will play the accompaniment with and without the vocal part, record it, and e-mail the mp3 file to the student.  The student can use the file on their iPod or computer or burn it to a CD to practice.
     Darin has done so much for Hillary, and we greatly value his skill and talent as a teacher.  We would recommend him to everyone!!!

By Patrick-
     Ten years with Darin Parker… What a ride!  I have worked with Darin on an educational, professional and personal level.  I sought out Darin as a sophomore in high school.  I wanted to ensure my singing was not only proper and healthy, but also able to reach its full potential.
     His exercises and positive energy were just the right combination for me.  Darin is awesome.  Actually, Darin is beyond awesome!  He worked at my pace and focused on things I wanted to focus on.  Because of our prioritized focus, our teacher/student relationship was brief, yet effective.
     Fortunately, I was able to keep in contact with Darin professionally and personally.  Onstage – Darin is one of the best!  He respects his craft, and his love for the stage is obvious to the audience and fellow actors.  Most importantly, however, Darin is a TON OF FUN!  He knows how to laugh and smile, which is important in the music and theater world.
     I have worked under Darin’s music direction in numerous productions as well, and the result has always exceeded my expectations.  One of the hardest aspects to manage in any show is the ensemble – especially in musicals.  It is the unsung hero in any solid production.  Darin, being the excellent musician he is, works hard to bring forth the optimum blend and dynamics from the chorus.
     I would work with Darin again in a heartbeat.  As an educator, Darin is incredible.  As a professional, Darin is above and beyond.  As a person and a friend, Darin is as good as it gets. 

By Mark-
        I have observed Darin Parker’s work for the past 10 years. I have had the privilege to work with him in various capacities, such as an actor, a music director and as an educator. Frankly I am impressed with his aggressiveness, creativity, and tremendous sense of responsibility. It is not adequate to say that he accepts responsibility. He seeks responsibility.
        As a former educator of 25 plus years, with the Shawnee Mission School District, I have observed Darin’s high level of expectation and drive for quality. He instills in his private students a sense of accomplishment while expecting their best and making them believe that there are not limits to what they can achieve with hard work.
        As a music director for musical theatre, there are none better than Darin. I believe that he is able to accomplish so much with the casts he directs, because he is also an accomplished actor as well. He is able to understand the challenges of the young actor, because he has been there himself.
        Darin is a very sensitive, intelligent artist. He breathes in each new day and experience, with a strong desire to grow, which I believe is an extremely important quality for teachers in the arts.
        Over the period of time that I have known Darin, he has developed sharp leadership skills through his involvement in the arts, along with an excellent sense of self-discipline and self-motivation as evidenced by his successful private voice classes.
         Darin is a dedicated, versatile, talented leader, teacher and artist, who will be an asset to any secondary music education program. He has my respect and my highest recommendation.

By Allyson-
        I met Darin Parker during his time with Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.  It goes without saying that Darin is an exceptionally talented individual but the skill set I found most impressive is his ability to communicate with the musically unskilled and instill in them a passion for excellence.
        I sang with a small ensemble that Darin directed.  The primary purpose of this group was to provide special music for the 7:45 Sunday worship service.  Now, one can only imagine that recruiting and directing a group of volunteer singers for an early Sunday service would prove to be a challenge.  Darin, however, garnered the respect and love of the members of this group which in turned created a level of dedication I have rarely seen.
        Darin also utilized all the resources at his disposable to help us be our very best.  He would send us mp3 files of our individual voice parts prior to practice.  He provided us with calendars well in advance showing our practice and performance dates; and while logistics are important, the manner in which a director “teaches” and “communicates his belief in” his choir is more important and Darin was a master.
        We all knew in our heart of hearts that our individual talent was marginal, at best, but Darin instilled in us a desire to be great and taught us how to be better together than we were individually.  For those of us that love music it was easy to love working with Darin.  He made you want to be better without ever letting you think you were not the very best.
        Please consider this the highest of recommendations for Darin Parker.  The opportunity to work with this young man, it will be a pleasure and experience you will long remember.

By Melissa-
        My first experience working with Darin Parker was in 1999 at Avila University in Kansas City, MO. As a part of my curriculum, I was working as the Assistant Director of the musical PIPPIN. Darin earned the principle role of the “Lead Player”. I was very impressed with Darin’s vocal talents, but also the professionalism he displayed as a member of this production, and how quickly he became a role model among the cast.
        When I began working at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in 2008, I was very excited at the opportunity to work closely with Darin again. Among his other responsibilities, he and I partnered on the creative development and implementation of a specialized worship service for the church’s congregation. This specific service regularly draws between 300-350 people each weekend.
        I really appreciated that I could always rely on Darin to communicate with me effectively and to meet deadlines. Darin’s talent for musical direction was exemplified each week, as he carefully crafted the worship service with our team. His thoughtful music selection was always appropriate for the theme and would stretch and showcase the talents of the vocalists and musicians he directed. He remains highly regarded by the volunteer choir he faithfully led.
        As Darin continues on his career path, I can only envision great success for him. He is a gifted musical director and mentor. He is prompt, professional, and reliable. Given the opportunity, I would hire Darin again and again. 

By Floyd -
        Wonderful Piano Tuning From A Nice Guy.  There is not enough room to write a proper review of the wonderful service we received from Darin Parker who tuned and made minor repairs to our aging piano. I contracted this work as a birthday present for my wife and Darin worked his schedule he could show up on her birthday! He showed up exactly when scheduled, did the work in a manner that let us know he has a passion for his work. Darin explained the adjustments he was making and was pleasant throughout. Need more? He came prepared and did the tuning work and more for the flat fee he quoted. If you have a piano you need to call or email this professional for anything you need done.‎

By Matt-
        Fabulous‎‎.  Let's be honest, the review previous to mine says it all. I just want to back up what they said. My wife is happy with the piano and how it sounds now, and when she's happy, we're all happy! Darin Was willing to help us out with the tuning and with some little extra things with the piano. He knows what he is doing and is really quick with it. Don't try to tune your own piano, just get Darin over will be much easier.

Feedback from

previous clients:

I really appreciated Darin's. willingness to work with us on the scheduling of the tuning. He spent a good portion of his Friday evening doing the tuning. It's so nice to have it in tune again!

He did a great job. I will be using his services again to keep the piano tuned.

good service.

Darin is awesome. Very personable. I learned new things about my piano and he shared some items to keep an eye on and care for in my piano's future.

Darin Was punctual and extremely professional. My 50+ year old piano sounds great now. I'm already planning to have him back the next time I need a piano tuning.

Excellent service, highly recommend him!

Darin made my old piano sound much better! I would recommend him for piano tuning and repair.

Darin was great. Did a fabulous job. I will use his services again.

Very impressed with service; will use again

Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and polite. Will definitely use their service again

Great service - so pleased!

Darin took extra time to ensure our old and very untuned piano was in tip top shop before he left! Very nice and trustworthy!

Was very profesional & informative. Arrived on time.

very professional and very nice.

Excellent and professional. Would definitely use again.

Darin was very professional and attentive to detail. I was very impressed by him. Thanks!

Very friendly, thanks!

Awesome! Did a great job tuning the piano, plus was friendly and professional. Will definitely use him again!!

Did a great job tuning our piano (and he likes dogs!).

A very nice guy and extremely professional. I plan to use his services again in the future!

Darin was very courteous. I would recommend him to others.

very nice, personable and professional.

Very friendly and helpful

He communicated well. He took his time in tuning our piano and did a very good job. I am pleased and would use him again.

Excellent job...courteous and professional.

Darin came out to our house to tune our very old piano! He even fixed the soft pedal.

We appreciated his work, and our piano now can be tolerated. :)

Our piano sounds fantastic after the tuning.

Darin was on time, professional, friendly and I would definitely recommend him.

Piano sounds great and he is very pleasant and courteous to have in your home!

Wonderful service, and my piano sounds lovely now. Highly recommend.

Darin did a great job, was very knowledgeable and you can tell he takes pride in his work. My piano sounds better than it has in 4 years.

He was VERY friendly and did a wonderful job tuning our piano! Will use again.

Extremely professional and friendly! I would recommend Darin to anyone needing help with their piano!

Great guy!!! 

he was very prompt and professional, spent 2 hours on my piano and did a great job.

darin was awesome! he seems like a great guy, very personable, was right on time for the appt...and my piano sounds amazing! i will definitely recommend him to others.

Thanks so much for tuning our piano! Scheduling was so easy with online scheduler through Groupon.

Darin did an excellent job tuning my piano. 

Very nice person.Did a good job.Was on time. 

I was very impressed with Mr. Parker's professionalism and with the quality of his work.

I have a new piano tuner for as long as I live in the area!

Very accomodating to children and works with the type of music they prefer. Relates very well with my daughter and understands her "busyness" and distractions.

Good work. thanks :-)

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