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2017 Lesson Tuition Payments

Payment:  Due at the first lesson of each month unless paying per trimester or per year.
Weekly Half Hour                              Weekly Full Hour

$125/month (PayPal fee included)                                                            $217/month (PayPal fee included)

​​Lesson type:



Half Hour

$130  ($36/lesson)

Credit Card or PayPal



Spring-$665     CC or PP=$692

Summer-$280  CC or PP=$291

Fall-$560         CC or PP=$582

$1,462  ($34/lesson)

Credit Card or PayPal


Full Hour

$225  ($62/lesson) 

Credit Card or PayPal



Spring-$1159    CC or PP=$1,205

Summer-$488      CC or PP=$508

Fall-$976         CC or PP=$1,015

$2,580  ($60/lesson) 

Credit Card or PayPal


Monthly tuition is figured over the course of the year and due at the first lesson of each month.
(43 weekly lessons, 3 masterclasses, 2 recitals.)

Trimester tuition is due at your first lesson of each trimester.

Spring=19 lessons, 1 masterclass, 1 recital

Summer=8 lessons, 1 masterclass

Fall=16 lessons, 1 masterclass, 1 recital

Annual tuition may be paid at the first lesson of any trimester.

43 lessons, 3 masterclasses, 2 recitals

Credit Card and PayPal fees are reflected in these totals.

Payment forms accepted are:
VenMo, Cash, Check
PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Please make checks payable to Darin Parker. 
Late payment Fee of $30
Returned check fee of $25.

This is my profession and I rely on my studio to help me fulfill my financial obligations.

2018 Lesson Tuition Schedule

Effective January 1, 2018

(​Best when viewed on a desktop site is wonky!)

Single lessons:
One 30 minute lesson $40                                One full hour lesson $65

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